EXIT Express Bus


How much space is needed for the mobile escape games?

You should plan at least 15 square meters. 20 square meters would be better, so as to avoid it being too crammed. The game can easily be spread over an area of 35m2.

Can the games also be played outdoors? Can it be set up in a garden/yard, for example?
“The Traveler” is built into a van in Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg and can be played in any weather. Nationwide there is an option to set up “Lost Cargo” or “Black Out” in a military tent. Please note that this is only possible in warm summer months.
Do I need a power connection for the games?
Yes! 2 sockets (230V, Schuko) are required. We will gladly bring extension cables (up to 50m).
Do I have to take anything into account when it comes to clothing?
Since it is a Braingame, you do not have to make proof of physical prowesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a suit or a costume, a wedding dress or jogging trousers, just come to the event the way you feel most comfortable and bring curiosity and flair with you.
I have physical limitations. Can I still play the games?
Making a personal request regarding this issue is recommended. It depends on the restriction.