Teambuilding and coaching

“You have to work as a team!” – easier said than done. The success of a team depends on a complex interplay of different factors. We take a close look at these in our coaching (CAPE), which is specially tailored to escape rooms.

Where fun and excitement come first, it is always about group dynamics / teamwork. Because what happens in an escape room shows some parallels to the world of work: Different characters have to cooperate under time pressure, discuss different strategies and find creative solutions. Mutual appreciation, objective communication and cooperation and an organized execution are the keys.

Our coach comes directly to you with all the materials, in addition to our Mobile Escape Games, and adapts to your premises.

At the beginning, a short warm-up prepares the players for the upcoming challenge and brings the participants on the same wavelength. In a presentation there is subliminal input on the topic of teamwork – not directly related to everyday work, but in front of the concrete challenge of an escape room as a projection surface. This motivates the group to master the upcoming challenge together and to apply what has just been learned in the mission. After successfully completing the Escape Game, the coach and the group reflect on the team experience. The particular strength of each individual team is highlighted and the participants are recognized as a group.

Exclusive certificates and rewards for all participants.

PRICE FROM 250,00 €

PRICE FROM 250,00 €

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